94. 94. Quickbooks isn't in competition with you

Best on Ground

It's great to see Accountants out in public entering the public conversation about business success Good on ya' Jason Robinson on Kochie and Jase Andrews on Your Money.

Go in the Draw to win a book https://sbo.financial/FTT

How good is Bruce Bardell's subtle tax tip on Linked In - ‘’Its never too late to lodge’’ https://www.linkedin.com/in/bruce-bardell-5074b69/

Tim Munro from Change GPS has an excellent template that shows you how to sack a client


Good news, Accounting jobs are on the increase


Worst on Ground

MYOB may have missed the pricing mark on their new corporate compliance fee structure


How come so many veteran consultants are advising banks to put customers first? Shouldn't this have been obvious?


One of the all time great reasons to not lodge a tax return



Quickbooks have advertised a test to actually do the bookkeeping for small and micro businesses at a very low price point upsetting a lot of their fans. But we don't think it's such a big deal. Do you really want THOSE clients? At THAT price point? Doing THAT kind of work?

2017 Quickbooks Firm of the Future winner Lielette Calleja joins us to discuss the response from the Aussie bookkeeping community (almost nothing) and we ask if the fearful response is just a giant beat up.

Check out the news on this


And the well researched (if not fear mongering headlined) article from Blake Oliver


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