From Afar - Trailer

From Afar, a podcast about long distance love, from tropical Australia to icy Antarctica.

“How do we tackle the challenges that creep into our lives when we’re away from the person or people we love the most?


How do we deal with isolation, loneliness, anxiety, unexpected danger and longing? And what happens when things go wrong”


These are the questions that host, Lori Uden, asks herself when her husband Shaun gets a driving boats job in Antarctica, leaving her and their two kids Matilda 10 and Saxon 9, home in Darwin.

“As we prepare for Shaun to depart, I realise I need to look beyond myself for the answers. So, I pack an audio recorder in with Shaun’s beanies and thermals, buy myself a fancy new mic, and we press record as we ask the ‘experts’ around us - our friends, neighbours and ship mates - how they do it.”


Told through a mix of memoirs, audio diaries, interviews and soundscapes, From Afar submerges the listener in a story of love, adventure, fear and resilience spanning from Australia’s steamy tropical north to the freezing, dangerous waters of Antarctica.

Host and creator: Lori Uden

Co-producers: Cinnamon Nippard & Lori Uden

Interviews & sound recordings: Shaun Uden & Lori Uden

The kids! 10-year old Matilda Uden & 9-year old Saxon Uden

Editor: Cinnamon Nippard

Mixer: Hamish Robertson

Music producer: Serina Pech

Online producer: Lori Uden

Graphic designer: Kelly Walsh

Photographers: Helen Orr, Adam Leatherbarrow, Shaun Uden & Lori Uden

Mentor: Johanna Bell

Critical listeners: Johanna Bell & Jess Ong

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