The One With Wrestle Me

Pete Donaldson and Marc Haynes from the brilliant Wrestle Me podcast are our guests for our TRIUMPHANT RETURN*. It's the first episode of our third season, and we're dead excited to be back, thanks so much for all your nice messages while we've been away.

The One With The Jam is the episode in question this week, and we recorded it in front of a live audience at the London Podcast Festival 2019, so a big thanks to them for having us again.

If you want to come say hi we're @FriendsWF on Twitter PLUS we have a BRAND NEW INSTAGRAM. It's @fwfpod, because our Twitter handle had already been taken by someone with 3 followers (bastards) - but please come and find us on there so we have more followers than just the two of us.

*return not guaranteed to be triumphant

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