Guide to the London Podcast Festival 2019 with programmer Zoe Jeyes

Here it is, the Freelance Pod guide to the London Podcast Festival 2019, with programmer Zoë Jeyes

Zoë is Deputy MD and Comedy Programmer at Kings Place, and has been working there since it opened 11 years ago. A longtime podcast fan, she first floated the idea of a festival in 2014, with the first one going ahead in 2016.

Since then, podcasting as a medium - and an industry - has exploded, and the 2019 festival is set to be the biggest one yet, with 60 live shows and a whole weekend of workshops for anyone who wants to start a podcast, or learn more about the industry.

Freelance Pod's live show is at 2pm on Saturday 7th September. I'm also going to see Mostly Lit, The Allusionist and Rule of Three - at least. Tweet me @freelance_pod, or message me at @freelancepod on Insta to let me know if you've booked tickets too! 

Listen to the episode to find out the surprising places that Zoë listens to pods (she is *dedicated*), how to transform a good podcast from its oroginal audio form into a visual, interactive show and 


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