Episode 4: Time is the Final Currency

In Episode 4, David reflects on the highs and lows of the relationships among CSNY, and considers whether they might ever play together again. Crosby also explains his deep friendship and musical connection with Jerry Garcia, and we'll hear an unreleased track of David jamming with The Grateful Dead.

This episode concludes with David considering his own mortality and sharing a message of hope with future generations.  

In the next and final episode, Episode 5, Steve Silberman will sit down with Osiris Media co-founder and Phish lyricist Tom Marshall to discuss his experience making this podcast, share more stories about David's unbelievable life, and hint at a future project. 

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Songs featured in this episode (with Spotify links where available):

Flying Man

Laughing (demo)

Song With No Words

The Wall Song (unreleased master take)

Cowboy Movie

Have You Seen the Stars Tonight

A Child is Coming

Kids and Dogs

Time is the Final Currency

Dangerous Night

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