Jinny Bingham's Ghost

Frank heads to one of his favourite haunts in Camden Town to meet local historian Carol Clancy and find out more about former landlady Jinny Bingham, also known as the Mother Damnable. Described as a witch by many for her fiery temper and disregard for authority, locals claimed that on the day she died they saw the devil enter her house but never leave. Her coachhouse The Mother Redcap was originally on the site of the World’s End pub with the The Underworld venue underneath, which she is reputed to haunt to this day.

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This episode was produced by Hayley Clarke and the executive producer was Peggy Sutton. There was additional production from Paul Smith, Steve Ackerman, Josh Gibbs, Gulli Lawrence-Tickell and Charlie Caplowe. Tales from No Man’s Land is produced by Frank Turner, Xtra Mile Recordings and Somethin’ Else.

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