Cities made for our mental health

Dr Layla McCay asks us to think again about how our buildings and towns can both benefit and harm our mental health.
As a trained psychiatrist and head of the Centre for Urban Design she has brought together the research around this topic for the first time.

Looking at how plants and water can reduce the risk of psychosis and ‘bumping’ places, where people can casually meet to form connections and potentially ease depression.

Layla’s work as the Director of the NHS Confederation has convinced her of the importance of design and physical health but also how little attention has been paid to it’s impact on the mind.

She says the concept of ‘restorative cities’ - those that help heal or calm the mind are what we should be aiming for. Designing places that help counter loneliness, improve connections and keep depression at bay. Post Pandemic can we redesign our surroundings to support a happier and healthier life?

Presenter Olly Mann
Producer- Jordan Dunbar
Editor- Tara McDermott