Il Fenomeno: Ronaldo at Inter

They called him ‘Il Fenomeno’.

In August 1997, Ronaldo was 20 years old. He’d just broken the world transfer record for the second time in a year, leaving Barcelona for Serie A with Inter Milan, and was on his way to winning that year’s Ballon d’Or. 

Over the next five years, he’d add a UEFA Cup and World Cup to his trophy collection, establishing himself as one of the greatest ever to play the game.

But was his time at Inter a success? A feature in the current FourFourTwo examines his time in Italy – and in this episode, Conor Pope, Matt Barker and Joe Brewin look deeper into the story, as well as revealing some things you might not have realised about this season’s Champions League.

Now buy the magazine and read Matt Barker’s full inside story of Ronaldo at Inter


“I'd love to win the Champions League. I hope I can one day.” Ronaldo: one-on-one

Year Zero: The making of Ronaldo (Barcelona, 1996/97)


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