Aliquot #2: Q&A Mashup - Sauna

Get a sample of our new premium member's content, known as Aliquots, by listening to this in-depth Q&A mashup on Sauna use.

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This collection of clips covers some of the many health benefits associated with sauna use, including heat shock protein activation, cardiovascular health, muscle mass preservation, and more.

Episode Highlights

  • 00:07:00 - What are the effects of sauna and hot baths on heat shock proteins and the immune system?

  • 00:16:14 - What are your recommendations for infrared sauna temperature and time?

  • 00:24:03 - At what temperature and how long do you need to stay in the sauna to activate heat shock proteins?

  • 00:26:50 - Does sauna use promote excretion of heavy metals such as arsenic?
  • 00:29:12 - Are there ways of mimicking sauna use without regular access to a sauna?

  • 00:33:55 - If compounds such as metformin, resveratrol and vitamin E counteract exercise-induced hormesis, would this be true for other stressors such as the sauna, fasting, broccoli sprouts, polyphenols?

  • 00:37:06 - How does fasting affect human growth hormone and IGF-1 in respect to muscle mass?

  • 00:43:30 - Can saunas be used during fasting to preserve more muscle and increase fat burning?

  • 00:45:50 - Can saunas be used to treat headaches?

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