EP 99: Dr Nancy Schellhorn CEO & Co-Founder at RapidAIM on AgTech and Entrepreneurship

Welcome to Episode 99!
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In this episode, Phil talks with Dr Nancy Schellhorn is the CEO & Co-Founder at RapidAIM.
RapidAIM uses the very latest in IoT sensor technology to take the guess-work out of pest management. It provides real-time information of insect pest detection in orchards & farms. And that’s just the beginning of this technologies impact!
Prior to co-founding RapidAIM, Nancy was a Principal Research Scientist with CSIRO where she developed and lead concepts to achieve pest-suppressive landscapes.
RapidAIM is a venture capital back company having raised capital from Main Sequence Ventures.
During this episode Nancy and Phil talk about the what it takes to overcome uncertainty when launching a company, why hiring the right team makes all the difference and the three habits you need to be a successful founder.
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