EP 94: The Unforgiving60 Interview

This is a replay from Phil's conversation with Tim Curtis and Ben Pronk at the Unforgiving60 Podcast. Enjoy!
S1E21- The Entrepreneur’s Entrepreneur: From Little Things…with Phil HSC
This episode is for anyone who dreams big …. And then wants to build that dream from scratch. It’s for anyone wanting to tenaciously solve a problem. This episode is for entrepreneurs and start-ups ….. and anyone working in a café wearing a hoodie!
Phil Hayes- St Clair (HSC) is a career entrepreneur. With a shortened first career in the military, Phil has made his career turning kitchen table ideas into reality. Mentoring dozens or entrepreneurs himself, Phil also teaches entrepreneurship to MBA candidates at Australia’s leading business school, the Australian Graduate School of Management at UNSW.
With a Bachelor of Science (Microbiology) from QUT and an MBA from AGSM, today Phil is CEO & Co-Founder of DROP Bio, a direct-to-consumer biotechnology venture. He is a Member of the Board of Directors at Sangui Bio and an Advisor at the BlueChilli HealthTech Accelerator for Southeast Asia.
Here's to start-ups! And here's how!
Seize your moment. Latch onto that chance!
Fill your Unforgiving Minute!
Intelligence Summary (INTSUM)
  • 02:45: The Early Years – Phil at Ben go to School.
  • 05:15: How Tim gets amused.
  • 08:15: How and why Phil got started as an entrepreneur … and why he didn’t give up when he failed the first time.
  • 11:00: About failing and moving on.
  • 15:15: The #Entrepreneur hashtag… isn’t it just #SmallBusiness?
  • 16:35: What you need to start! And scaling.
  • 19:30: What the motivation and enticement for being an entrepreneur?
  • 21:35: The critical importance on wanting to solve big problems.
  • 24:59: Why failure is necessary.
  • 28:00: Enticing capital into your start-up
  • 30:21: What new industries, sector or disciplines are investors looking to?
  • 31:45: Venture capital in the US versus Australia
  • 35:15: Making good entrepreneurs and celebrating successes (even if small)
  • 40:20: Phil tests Ben and Tim on their entrepreneurial skills inside the Unforgiving60 podcast:
  • Have you set yourselves up to learn quickly?
  • How would you rate yourselves on marketing and distribution?
  • Have you built a community around the U60 podcast brand?
  • 47:40: Tim (and Ben) throw down the challenge to Hamish and Andy!
  • 48:19: Having fun! ‘Humour is a free circuit breaker’- Phil HSC
  • 52:15: Quick Questions/ Quick Answers to Phil
  • What do you do for fun?
  • What’s your definition of success?
  • Definition of happiness?
  • Any sources of inspiration?
  • How does one become mentored by Phil HSC?
  • Why are you running in a weight vest?
  • What sort of writing does Phil do?
  • How can I give a shout out of encouragement to someone?
  • 57:45: Wider ramblings and other nonsense
  • What it’s like to meet Tim (from Ben)
  • The challenge (redux)

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** Opening Comments the Podcast by Lucy (age 13)