EP: 98 PhilHSC Joins Bram Connolly On The Warrior U Podcast

This week Bram Connolly talks to serial entrepreneur Phil Hayes-St Clair, CEO & Co-Founder at Drop Bio, a platform that uses systems biology, machine learning, and predictive information from finger-prick blood to better manage health and reduce disease risk. Bram and Phil have been influential in each others' careers, especially with Phil's initiative called Be in Motion. The project lets people send unexpected encouragement to others who have it tough, and also those who are doing great work. Bram is one of Be in Motion's ambassadors.
Together they discuss the many different facets of entrepreneurship, including childhood experiences that molded their mindsets to modernizing concepts taught at business schools to navigating around the gig economy of today. The pair also tackle practical issues that affect entrepreneurs in both positive and negative ways, such as inspiration, mentorship, and scaling businesses.
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