Introducing: Here For You

We've made a new podcast! Here For You is a new daily show meant to offer comfort and support during this scary and uncertain time. Each weekday morning, we’ll fill you in on what’s been going on in our socially distant lives, hear what our listeners have been up to, offer advice, and give you something to do, listen to, or watch that will help take your mind off things — if even for just a few minutes. However long this lasts, we want you to know: we're here for you.

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On Episode 1, Kate's been painting rocks and reflects on the pressure to "make magic" in the age of coronavirus. Doree's been doing relaxing yoga and listening to a very Doree-esque podcast.

Our word of the day is: CALM. Our activity of the day is: NO-KNEAD BREAD.

Please call us at 781-591-0390 or email us at and let us know how you're doing!

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