Introducing: Gee Thanks, Just Bought It

We have a Black Friday surprise for you — the first episode of Gee Thanks, Just Bought It, the first podcast in the Forever35 podfam, hosted by Caroline Moss of Hey Ladies fame. Each week Caroline and a guest will be bringing you all the life-changing products you didn't know you needed, and on the first episode she welcomes chef and cookbook author Alison Roman (Dining In, Nothing Fancy), whose passion for her product pick almost has Caroline convinced she may be able to cook something without messing it up. Then Caroline takes the wheel and tries to convince Alison that a weighted blanket will help her sleep better at night. And then they also talk about something that keeps getting advertised to Caroline on Instagram...the “portable crock pot” for office lunches you don’t have to stand up for. Subscribe now!

Products in this episode:

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