Ep 117: Scheduling Joy with Jen Gotch

*In June 2020 Jen Gotch resigned from her position as Chief Creative Officer at Ban.do after allegations came to light of racism within the company and by Jen herself. When this episode aired, we were unaware of the climate at Ban.do, and hope that the company and Jen will follow through on their promises to create a more respectful and inclusive workplace. We’ve left this episode up to maintain transparency with listeners.

Kate starts playing Animal Crossing to relax and struggles with diet culture messaging during social distancing, and Doree begins to plan for Henry’s first birthday, quarantine-style. Then they're joined by Jen Gotch, co-founder of ban.do and author of The Upside of Being Down, who discusses her mental health and therapy journey, why she schedules fun on her calendar, how she's embraced aging, and why “Desert Jen” is an entirely different person than “LA Jen.”

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