S1E3: Personality Types - Best tests to unlock the secrets of your type + how to interpret the results

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Have you ever wondered why you naturally do things differently from your family members or friends? Your personality type could be playing a big role. It’s not uncommon to complete a personality test at college or as part of the hiring process for a new job, but what does it all mean? 

Knowing your personality type doesn’t just help choose the right career path, it can also play an important role in personal growth and developing a sense of identity and purpose. It can even contribute to choosing the right partner if you’re on the market. If you have often felt misunderstood or alone in life, reading your personality test results can provide an ‘ah ha!’ moment - almost like seeing a psychic or someone reading your private journal.

In this episode, Lianne & Corey are joined by author and founder of personalityjunkie.com, A.J. Drenth, whom they quiz on test accuracy and the benefits of knowing your type. Listen in to explore the different personality type systems and discover why A.J prefers the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. If you’re curious about your sassy hosts, this is your opportunity to know them better as A.J breaks down what Lianne and Corey’s personality types say about them. 

Expect many laughs and a few eureka moments as you learn how to further your education about your own personality type. 


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