S1E6: Epigenetics - What is inherited trauma and how does it impact your life? + break the cycle with insights from Mark Wolynn

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If you only listen to 1 episode of the Forever Break podcast, this should be it.

Even if you’ve never heard the term “epigenetics”, you might have a habit, fear, or anxiety you just can’t explain. In this episode, discover how these woes could be inherited from your ancestors and learn how to break free by adopting mindfulness.

Lianne & Corey dive straight into a detailed interview with Mark Wolynn, the leading expert in the field of inherited trauma and author of award-winning book “It Didn’t Start With You”.

By asking the right kind of questions, Mark explains how to identify unresolved traumatic events from our parents’ and grandparents’ lives, and even from our own early childhoods, that can impact our DNA and produce symptoms and behaviours we simply can’t explain.

Amazingly, Mark keeps this fascinating and complex topic light on the science and easy to understand by newbies like our hosts.

Prepare to have your mind blown and few cases of the goose bumps as Mark shares almost spooky yet undeniably impacting stories of inherited trauma in his and his clients’ lives.

You won’t be the same after listening to this.


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