S1E1: Mindfulness - What is it? How to switch off autopilot + tools to practice self-love

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Welcome to the first ever episode of the Forever Break podcast. In this episode your hosts, Lianne & Corey, take a deep dive into the topic of mindfulness, mulling over what it means to be present in the moment, accept change, manage stress, and switch off autopilot.

Find out how Lianne & Corey are (and aren’t!) mindful in their own lives and learn alongside them as they explore the benefits of adopting mindfulness principles covered in season 1, from meditation and breathing techniques, to developing a healthy relationship with food.

Mindfulness through the eyes of this dynamic duo is a fun place to start, but what do the experts have to say? Enter relationship coach, emotional intelligence practitioner, and award-winning diversity advocate, Chris Armstrong. In an in-depth interview, Chris stresses the importance of letting go of the judgements of others to develop self-acceptance and questions if you really need to forgive in order to find peace.

Who better to start your journey towards mindfulness with than the witty Lianne & Corey?


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