S1E4: Love & Relationships - What are love languages? + communication & conflict resolution advice from Dr. Arthur Aron

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Close relationships are something most people yearn for, but those in a romantic relationship know they take much more work to sustain than you initially expect. In episode 4, Lianne & Corey discuss the importance of knowing and loving yourself, understanding your values and deal breakers, and bringing the best version of you into your relationships.

Discover your love language and how learning to speak your partner’s can keep their “love tank” full and enrich your lives together. Our hosts then interview love and relationship expert and creator of the 36 questions that lead to love, Dr. Arthur Aron.

Backed by scientific research and a 50+-year-long happy marriage of his own, Dr. Aron shares advice on how to build strong, passionate relationships. He covers how to prepare yourself for a new relationship if you’re single, and for couples, how to keep your relationship fresh exciting once that “new love” phase wears off.

In this down-to-earth episode, you’ll learn a bunch of new tools to mindfully improve your relationships, no matter what your relationship status on Facebook.


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