S1E9: Food - Busting diet myths + break unhealthy eating habits with Dr. Lynn Rossy

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Do you ever find yourself truly enjoying the food you eat? Or is eating just something you do to stop your tummy rumbling while driving, watching TV, or talking to a friend?

With food being so readily available in supermarkets, we rarely give our eating habits the attention as they deserve. In this episode, Lianne & Corey explore the relationship between mindfulness and food, asking the question ‘why do you eat what you eat’? 

You won’t find any criticism or push towards a particular diet here, just thought-provoking questions as our hosts share personal stories about learning to foster healthy gut flora, consider the financial cost of a healthier diet, and ponder the motives behind the mass-produced food industry.

In a friendly interview, Health Psychologist Dr. Lynn Rossy sheds light on the connection between food and emotions, explaining why we crave foods that make us feel better in the short term. According to Dr. Rossy, the food we place in our mouth says a lot about how awake and conscious we are and about the love and kindness we show to ourselves. By incorporating mindfulness, we can discover what our bodies are really saying about the foods they need, and discover a richer eating experience.

Listen in to discover how you can develop a healthier relationship with food.


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