S1E12: Self Expression - Unleash your creative perspective + meet Singaporean artist, Francis Theo

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Hopefully by now, you’ve learned a thing or two about who you really are by practicing mindfulness. Now it’s time to share your beautiful self with others.

In this episode, Lianne & Corey explore common methods of expressing the unique way you see and feel the world, through dance, music, writing, art, and fashion. They debate the pros and cons of using social media to express yourself. Platforms like Instagram provide an outlet for those looking to share their photography skills, while others use social media to hide behind false personas and don’t present their true selves.

Believing it’s never too late to learn a new skill, our hosts interview Singaporean artist, Francis Theo, to learn about his passion to sketch objects and events in his home city and when he travels. Francis explains how sketching helps him relax and tune out the external environment, then shares starting points and equipment advice for beginners wanting to take up sketching.

This episode provides several prompts to think about how you do, or how you would prefer to, express your unique perspective.


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