S1E5: Highly Sensitive People - How to tell if you’re an HSP + shedding light on this misunderstood trait

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“You’re just too sensitive”… “why are you always so shy?”

If these are phrases you’re used to hearing, you might just be a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). The trait of high sensitivity was discovered by Dr. Elaine Aron and explains the 20-30% of the population with a unique way of processing sensory information.

Even if you’re not an HSP, someone close to you may be, so it’s important to understand the trait to make life more enjoyable for your highly sensitive loved ones. 

After taking an online test and discovering they are definitely not HSPs, Lianne & Corey decided to ask expert Dr. Bianca Acevedo to shed light on this misunderstood trait. Referencing research studies, Dr. Acevedo explains how to tell if you are an HSP, what that means, and how to look after your sensitive body to reduce overwhelm and experience the many benefits of high sensitivity. 

If you’re an HSP, or know someone who is, episode 5 will prove you’re not as alone as you may have thought.


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