S1E2: Breathing & Meditation - Easy advice for beginners from Dr. Christopher Willard of Harvard Medical School

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You probably know meditation is good for your health, but may be deterred by a common overemphasis of its spiritual components. Perhaps, like our hosts, you imagine meditation to be like floating on a cloud, chasing enlightenment, kind of like a modern-day Buddha. Discover the practical elements of meditation as Lianne and Corey share giggle-worthy stories from a 3-day meditation retreat they attended in Kerala, India, and interview Dr. Christopher Willard of Harvard Medical School.

Having practiced meditation for over 20 years and even met the Dalai Lama, Dr. Willard is a full bottle on all things mindfulness and meditation. He shares personal experiences and insights that combine the spiritual and scientific sides of meditation, covering topics like physical and mental benefits of regulating breathing, self-awareness, and the importance of teaching mindfulness to children. 

Let’s explore the wide world of meditation together. 


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