S1E14: Money & Spending - Make budgeting easier + guidance from an Irish mom who saved €27,500 in 1 year

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We all know the saying “money makes the world go around”, but have you ever stopped to ask why?

In this episode, our hosts pose hard-hitting questions about Western society’s relationship with money. Why does it take such high priority in our thoughts? Why do we sacrifice so much time to make money? Do we spend money to fill a deeper emptiness inside ourselves?

Lianne & Corey wrap up season 1 by comparing good debt vs bad debt and sharing some thoughts about when it’s okay to enter debt (like to buy a house) and when it’s not (to buy clothes just because they are on sale or upgrading the latest tech gadgets). They share their favorite tips for saving money while traveling, and interview Kel Galavan, AKA Mrs. Smart Money, a money saving expert and financial coach.

Kel shares her inspiring story of reducing her annual household expenditure by €27,500 after leaving a 16-year-long career to spend a year, the No Spend Year, home with her kids. For those who have experienced failed budgeting or saving plans, Kel advises the key is to know your values and motivations and to be mindful of what and how much you actually need.

By the end of the episode, you’ll be equipped with new tools to make your money stretch further and to mindfully work towards financial freedom.


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