Cyber Safety for School-Aged Kids

Do you, as an educator, feel adequately equipped to teach your students about cyber safety? Do you feel comfortable in your duty to report any incidences of misconduct against students in the online space?

The internet is an incredible resource, a wonderful utopia of seemingly endless knowledge. The keeper of interesting and diverse communities and ever-changing technologies. As teachers it’s both out privilege and responsibility to integrate the cyber world into the lives of our students. But just like in the physical world, there are dangers to be aware of and protect against.

11 February is Safer Internet Day. On this day, millions of people around the world unite to raise awareness about online safety issues and inspire positive change. So it’s a great opportunity to revise and review your own online safety initiatives.

The Office of the E-Safety Commissioner has plenty of ideas and resources to help improve the online safety of your students or young children and your community.

Join me as I speak with Clint Bopping from the Australian Federal Police's Think U Know Program and Trent and Sam from the Cyber Safety Project for information you need to keep your students safe.

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