*Special* Supermarket Plastic Promotions, Environmental Impacts and Our Kids: with Alex Wadelton

The campaign #FutureLandfill takes Ooshies Lion King characters and recreates scenes from the iconic film. At first glance, the plastic toys appear to be situated in gorgeous, natural landscapes; but upon closer inspection, you'll notice they're actually depicted in their real natural habitat, landfill sites.

The Future Landfill website provides thought-provoking, conversation-igniting material for teachers to use as teaching tools. Listen to co-creator Alex Wadelton talk about the inspiration behind the campaign, the potential for everyday voices to be heard through non-traditional media and the importance of making a stand about critical issues in our society.

At Teach Starter we strive to minimise our impact on the environment and encourage our members to do so, too.

Download our free teaching resource, Classroom Practices to Promote a Green Future here.

For more info contact Future Landfill at futurelandfill2019@gmail.com.

Thank you to project creators The Gutterz: Alex Wadelton & Tom Whitty & Stu Morley

Teaching Resources List:

Shopping Activities

Classroom Rewards - Money

Plastic-Free Classroom Ideas

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