The Return of the Premier League – Episode 3: Money, Neutral Venues, and Football's Future

On the third and final episode of the series, we turn our attention to the financial necessity behind the Premier League's return and explore how coronavirus will reshape the future of English football. 

Join Melissa Reddy as she also dissects the neutral venues debate with the help of former police superintendent, Owen West. He labeled it a missed opportunity to engage with fans and build greater trust. Dr Rob Wilson breaks down the impact on the transfer window, and along with ESPN's Mark Ogden, talks through the Premier League's continued hand-to-mouth existence. They consider what mechanisms can be put in place to safeguard English football against another stoppage like this in the future.

Thanks for listening to The Return of the Premier League, hosted by Melissa Reddy. Join us tomorrow for a brand new schedule to celebrate the Premier League's return!

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