The Ramble: The fourth coming of Kevin Keegan, Jurgen Klopp slides into Kylian Mbappe’s dad’s DMs plus a Dutch touch for Alan Pardew

Just how many times can Kevin Keegan be brought back to St James’ Park to restore some of the feel good factor to Newcastle? At least three, it would seem. He’s being lined up for an ambassadorial role as the looming Saudi takeover continues to loom. 

Another beloved ex-Newcastle legend, Alan Pardew, has had to deny that he’s getting a sweet bonus for saving ADO Den Haag from relegation even though he has, while Jurgen Klopp reckons he can get Kylian Mbappe to join Liverpool by being mates with his dad and Barcelona receive an intriguing pitch regarding the naming rights of the Nou Camp. 

We also learn of Pete’s university heist and have to watch the truly dreadful 1980s movie Hotshot. Will this indignity never end?

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Guess who’s back. Back again. It’s Kevin Keegan:

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Alan Pardew will not be taking his bonus, thank you very much:

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