The Ramble: Newcastle players back Bruce, Project Restart touts neutral venues and could the Premier League move to Australia?

With each passing day there are more and more ideas put forward for how to finish the season. This time around we have Neutral Venues With No Relegation and Do it All in Australia! Some are more sensible than others. 

It’s not just the Premier League that needs finishing though. What of the FA Cup? Pete reiterates that Newcastle United have scored the most goals so far - because of their replays against lower league opposition - so should probably win it. 

We’ve got lots more than that though, we’ve got a Dennis Bergkamp fronted consortium sniffing around clubs, we’ve got Jim’s surprising court appearances, Pete “Every day is Tyskie day” Donaldson’s birthday, Luke’s golf insight, some utter filth from Barry Davies, a plea to unify Mother’s Day and the latest entry into Pete’s Film Club. Join in and keep safe x

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