The Ramble: Disinfection cabinets, Dynamo Dresden and yet another word from Louis van Gaal

We have all the latest on the latest meetings about meetings! To be fair to the Premier League that’s about all they can do at the moment as we seem to be no closer to a concrete plan. That doesn’t matter though, because Louis van Gaal has decided to keep us all entertained by calling Ed Woodward an “evil genius” and “inviting” Jose Mourinho to explain why it only took four days for him to replace him at Man United. There’s a beef stew bubbling away here. 

In Turkey Besiktas have installed a disinfection cabinet at their training ground and the thing looks like some amazing futuristic tech, so naturally we posit some alternative uses, while we also look forward to the Neville brothers taking each on in some televised garden centre challenge under the new rules and learn that we may be more of an aphrodisiac than we realised. Oh no. 

We also love Dave Bautista. We just love him and we don’t care who knows it.

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