The Preview Show: The Carabao Cup final is upon us, Bayern give Chelsea a lesson, and Liverpool are four wins away

It was big win for the little guy yesterday, as Man City beat Real Madrid at the Bernabeu – but will the energy they exerted give Aston Villa a chance in Sunday’s Carabao EFL League Cup final? Will underwhelming hackers ruin Pep Guardiola’s preparations? We just don’t know. It is impossible for us to know. 

Back in the Premier League Liverpool take their war machine to Watford, laying the foundations for an intriguing set of potential narratives re: where they actually win the title. Brighton vs Crystal Palace is also happening, so naturally there’s a lot of discussion about murderous seagulls and ducks doing stand up comedy. 

Elsewhere, Jon Bon Jovi announces himself as an ITK, we hear some always welcome immature translations and we look back at some crass goalkeeping tactics of yesteryear.

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