The Preview Show: The Bundesliga’s return is confirmed, Iniesta babies and Goal 4?

Football is BACK! In Germany. On May 16th. The Bundesliga have confirmed their plans to resume the competition, not without some controversy, and we’re all looking forward to seeing some live football again. 

Away from that actual news we have a very salty show today, inspired by Andres Iniesta and his baby-making goal against Chelsea in the Champions League in 2009, which apparently led to a spike in births 9 months later. This week he had video chats with some of those kids. Is that weird? That seems weird.

Elsewhere Gary Neville shows that he’s even a tough but balanced pundit when defending his city from disgruntled ex-Man United players’ wives, Alan Pardew reveals his bafflement at Dutch players wanting to know what to do on the pitch and Kuno ‘Santiago Muñez’ Becker wants to right the wrongs of Goal 3.

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