The Preview Show: Premier League players resume training, a potential return for the Championship and Steve Bruce really wants to keep his job

Lots going on in this show, with actual German football marching on and Premier League teams returning to training! Project Restart is underway. That’s not all though…

When you picture Robbie Savage you don’t often think of the term newshound. Afghan Hound, yes, but definitely not newshound. That’s all changed as he’s now popping up with questions at the government’s daily briefings. Is there no end to the strangeness of these times?

One thing that may soon be at an end is Steve Bruce’s time in charge of Newcastle. With nobody in place to do it he’s had to give himself the dreaded vote of confidence. G’wan, Steve! We’re rooting for you. Most of us anyway. 

As well as all this we’ve got chat about our strange fever dreams, Jaap Stam’s unfortunate unveiling at FC Cincinnati, plus Pete Donaldson: Private Plane Spotter and Naughty Museum Connoisseur.

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