Best of 2009/10: Yang Changpeng, Ramble in the classroom, and Peter Beagrie's motorcycle madness

The rumours are true! To celebrate another season of the Football Ramble coming to a close, we’re digging deep into the archives at Ramble HQ to bring you ten Best Of episodes, featuring some vintage Ramble moments. It’ll keep you going over summer before we return with new shows in July, and daily episodes from 5th August.

First up: 2009/10, featuring some early Ramble classics. Ever wondered what Yang Changpeng is up to? Or how Peter Beagrie ended up putting a motorbike through a plate glass window? Or what happens when a teacher plays the Ramble to their Scottish classroom? Well here are your answers.

Many thanks to infamous YouTuber Linford Grimes for their inspiration and help in compiling old content. We salute you.

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