On The Continent: Rescheduling European competitions and drive-in football at FC Midtjylland

We’re back with a brand new episode of On The Continent, here to try and plot a path through football’s volatile calendar so you don’t have to! 

As the Champions League and Europa League campaigns may well be resumed in August, we look at the resulting implications for Europe’s various leagues and their quest to finish their respective seasons. There is some promising news coming out of Germany as games may well resume in May, albeit behind closed doors. Elsewhere, AS Roma are still trying to finalise plans for the Friedkin Group takeover, while we assess Monaco's perilous financial state.

We also speak to Preben Rokkjaer, Head of Marketing at Danish side FC Midtjylland, who gives us some more details about their new drive-in football idea that will help fans watch their march to the Superliga title!

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