Aston Villa survive, Leicester City fail to qualify for the Champions League, and Leighton Baines joins a band

The Premier League season has finally come to an end 352 days after it began, with Aston Villa securing their survival after their draw at West Ham. Join Marcus, Andy and Jim on today’s episode of the Football Ramble as they pore over the final standings and recap a spicy last day!

Aston Villa’s draw confirmed Watford and Bournemouth’s relegation – we have a wonder as to what’s next for both sides and who may need a managerial change ahead of next season’s Championship campaign. We also discuss Leicester City’s hugely disappointing end to the season as they drop out of a top-four that they spent almost the entire season occupying. Finally, we find the time to celebrate an Italian underdog story as Juventus clinched their ninth consecutive Serie A title! Shock!

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