Arsenal return as only they can, Hawk-Eye proves fallible after all, and the Champions League: Lisbon Edition takes shape

Jules Breach, Jim Campbell and Andy Brassell are here to finally look back over some Premier League action! 100 days without it and we immediately get controversy over technology and Arsenal imploding. The more things change the more they stay the same. 

In Manchester the follically barren charlatan Pep Guardiola got one over on former assistant Mikel Arteta after a trademark David Luiz implosion, while at Villa Park Sheffield United can count themselves incredibly unlucky after goal line technology was revealed to have a blind spot, something that hasn’t been uncovered in over 9,000 games thus far. 

We also had time to look at the imperious dominance of the Bayern Munich machine, more cardboard cutout fun and a certain somebody’s gluttonous birthday plans.

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