Important Updates - Unnatural Horrors

Dark Dice will be delayed for 2 weeks, as the upcoming episodes will be double the work of normal episodes and require a little bit of extra preparation. Thank you for your patience! <3

(Also, we're actively recording the new season of The White Vault)

''And from those long shadows, toiled over through time, the truth both awesome and terrible was revealed...''  

Our worlds and games have grown to hundreds of pages, our stories and myths, weaved across hours and days. And soon those horrors will be made flesh as a compendium of our world and its terrors, launches itself forward. We here at Fool & Scholar Productions are partnering with Nord Games to co-publish a high-quality, hardcover, 300+ page horror expansion for 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons aptly named Unnatural Horrors.

It will contain an expanded release of Domain of the Nameless God, Shores of the Silver Thrum, the True Necromancer Class, dozens of terrible magic items, horrific beasts, and of course, special rules that give you the opportunity to gamble your sanity if you so chose. We are excited to finally bring the stories, game mechanics, and monsters you have come to love to the print world, as so many patrons, fans, and players alike have asked this of us over the years. We are working with a team of over 20 artists to bring this book to life, and have set up a Kickstarter page for the book which is linked in the show notes. The kickstarter itself will go live soon, and the biggest thing right now is that we need enough people to click "Notify Me on Launch" so we have an indication of interest before our campaign begins. The more people that do this, the more we'll have prepared when we launch... We have so many ideas for ways to make this book truly special, such as a dust cover that doubles as a DM screen, but will only create them if it's something you're interested in... So ask yourself... Do you seek it? If so, please show your enthusiasm by sharing the link with friends...

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