Episode 45 - Midsummer Check-in with Podcasting

In this episode, we sit down with Vicent and Michelle from the Magna Global team to talk about the latest in podcasting. Starting with the new podcasting report that Magna recently released, which found that ⅓ of US consumers are now listening to podcasts, we talked about how podcasting is growing as an advertising medium, how it still has plenty of room for further growth, and the hurdles it will need to overcome to achieve that. We also brought in some global perspectives, especially with input from Sharon Soh from our Singapore office. If you are a marketer who is curious about the podcasting space and want to keep up, then this episode is a must-listen!  

What We Covered:

  • The status quo of the podcasting market — the audience growth, the content types, etc.
  • Why the podcast audience is attractive to advertisers, esp. DTC brands
  • Debating whether or not we have hit “peak podcast”
  • Main challenges hindering podcast’s further growth
  • A global POV on podcast advertising today & learnings from the APAC region 
  • Takeaways for brand marketers looking to ramp up podcast ad buy
  • Scott pitches his “Sunday morning ghost stories” podcast idea to the team

You can check out Magna’s Podcasting Report here (log-in required).

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