Episode 98: Outlook 2021 Forward Momentum - Part 1

This week on Floor 9, co-hosts Adam and Scott discuss the latest trend report from the Lab — Outlook 2021, which details the key trends emerging at the intersection of technology, media, and culture. In this episode, you’ll hear the first half of the conversation where they break down the first three segments of the report, which includes the overall framework of the forward momentum towards digital transformation, the Anyware Economy enabled by the accelerated shift to remote work, and why we believe gaming is eating the world! 

Come back next week to hear us discuss the remaining two trends from the Outlook. But if you want a preview, you can read Outlook 2021 in full here on our Medium blog!

You can find Adam and Scott on Twitter at @adamjsimon and @tippier. Follow us at @ipglab.


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