Episode 67 - COVID-19 Special #8: Forecasting Future Demands

In this week’s COVID-19 Special, we are proud to introduce a new UM-proprietary product called “Demand Forecaster.” With this new tool, which was recently covered by the New York Times, we leverage the latest data and machine learning to predict upcoming fluctuations in consumer demands across various global markets and categories. Take a listen to find out how our new crystal ball works!

1:39 — weekly news roundup with Scott and Adam

9:45 — Hamish Kinniburgh (Global Chief Strategy Officer) chats with three UM executives — Josh Bock (EVP, Decision Sciences), Tara Connington (SVP, Analytics), Huw Griffiths (Global Chief Product Officer) — the brains behind “Demand Forecaster” about how it works and how our clients can use it.

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