Episode 59 - Democratized Creativity feat. Sketchfab

This week, we dived into the first trend in our Outlook 2020 report with special guest, Alban Denoyel, co-founder and CEO of Sketchfab. Together with co-hosts Scott and Adam, the trio dissected how new technologies and creative tools have democratized creativity and given rise to the meme culture, the roles that Sketchfab plays as a 3D content distribution platform, and how brands can correctly tap into this trend to be organically included in online conversations. 

In this episode:

  • Slacking off: a new segment where Lab members pick their favorite news items from our hyper-active Slack channels
  • Adam — Bytedance, maker of TikTok, introduced a productivity tool
  • Alban — Roblox raising $150 million and being valued at $4 billion 
  • Scott — People are live streaming while they sleep on TikTok
  • How advances in technology have democratized access to creative tools and empowered people to share their creations
  • How Sketchfab facilitates the creation and distribution of 3D assets
  • How creative formats will evolve as AR and VR adoptions grow
  • How brands can tap into this trend of democratized creativity and meme culture 
  • Floor 9 Mailbag: submit your questions on Twitter @ipglab
  • We laugh about Adam’s mic check  

Additional Links 

  • Alban’s Fav 3D Assets on Sketchfab  
  • Read more about the Democratized Creativity in our Outlook 2020 trend report


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