Episode 52 - The Future of Gaming

Welcome back to Floor 9. This week hosts Scott and Adam are joined by Ben and Ryan, two gaming experts on the Lab team, to talk all about the latest developments in the gaming space, as well as what they say about the future of gaming. From the new cloud-based gaming services like Google Stadia to the shifting landscape of game streaming and esports, the Lab team went deep into dissecting the various sectors of gaming and the brand opportunities within. As gaming culture becomes mainstream, smart brand marketers know this is an increasingly important channel for capturing audience attention. 

What We Covered:

  • The official launch of Google Stadia and its misfires 
  • Dissecting the ongoing effort to make cloud-based gaming a reality
  • Analyzing the potential impact of cloud-based gaming on the gaming market
  • The arrival of subscription-based gaming services and their market implications
  • How the high-profile talent deals with gaming influencers impact the landscape of game streaming
  • Diversifying the type of content on game streaming platforms like Twitch
  • Brand takeaways for tapping into the growing gaming and esports market

You can also read about our take on this topic here.


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