Episode 49 - The State of VR & The Metaverse Future

Facebook’s recent Oculus announcements left us wondering, what is the social network company trying to get out VR. In this week's episode, Scott and Adam discuss the state of virtual reality technology and why VR adoption has stalled. Then, Christina joins the group to talk about a potential future “metaverse” where people will create, socialize, and even do business in, as well as dissecting the different approaches Facebook and Fortnite is taking to get us there. For anyone that is curious about the future of immersive media and gaming, this episode should be a thought-provoking one. Listen and download here. 

What We Covered:

  • Highlights from Facebook’s Oculus event and what Facebook Horizon is
  • The current state of VR and why mainstream adoption has been stagnant 
  • How VR fundamentally differs from AR in terms of user experience and use cases
  • The next frontier for VR and the concept of a “metaverse”
  • How massively multiplayer online games like Fortnite are building prototype metaverses outside of VR
  • Potential brand implications of future metaverses
  • We laugh about Adam’s low opinion on Ready Player One as a novel


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