Episode 41 - Google is Here to Help

At Google’s annual developer conference on Tuesday, CEO Sundar Pachi kicked off the opening keynote address with a new mission statement: “building a more helpful Google for everyone”. Throughout the keynote, Google touted the many benefits that Google’s services and products, powered by its collection of personal data, provide for everyday consumers and help improve their lives. In this episode, Scott sits downs with Adam and Christina to discuss this shift in Google’s branding, updates to Google Search, the current state of the Google Assistant, and the future of Google’s smart home lineup.  

What We Covered:

  • 3D objects and AR experiences and podcasts will be present in Google Search results
  • Visual search tool, Google Lens can now help users at restaurants, calculate the tip and read sign aloud to users  
  • Google Assistant is now 10x faster and process request locally on device
  • Google Duplex comes to the web and the etiquette barrier that prevent people from using voice assistants in public
  • Google announced the Nest Hub Max and the new “Helpful Home” branding
  • Main takeaways for brand marketers from the Keynote.


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