Episode 40 - Facebook's Plan for the Future

Where is Facebook going, and what does that mean for brands that advertise on its platforms? This week, your host Scott sits down with Adam and Christina from the strategy team to discuss the latest announcements from Facebook’s annual developer event this week and what they mean for the social network. As Facebook starts to work on transforming itself into “a privacy-focused social network built around messaging,” brands will have to evolve with the shifting audience attention and experiment with new ad products as well. Take a listen to find out what Facebook has planned for the future.

What We Covered:

  • What Facebook’s pivot to private messaging mean for the News Feed
  • How Facebook plans to monetize Groups and Events
  • How stories become an increasingly important format for Facebook and advertisers
  • Why and How Facebook is going all-in on social commerce across platforms
  • Assessing the new “co-viewing” feature and its potential impact on Facebook and beyond
  • Brand takeaways from the event


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