Episode 39 - Outlook 2019: China POV

Joined by special guest Lin Liu, Chief Strategy Officer of UM China, Scott and Richard have a fun chat about how the trends in our 2019 annual Outlook report are playing out in China, the similarities we see in the unbundling of search and the rise of lifestyle brands, and the divergence in regards to tech regulations as well as attitudes towards data privacy and automation between the West and the East. China’s unique digital ecosystem makes this an interesting conversation to have, as it presents a different perspective on some of the key issues U.S. marketers face, and we hope you find this episode insightful and thought-provoking. You can also read the China POV that Lin wrote here.

What We Covered:

  • China’s unique BAT-dominant tech landscape and some insurgent brands
  • Why Baidu is losing grip on the Chinese search market and how social commerce is taking over search as a lead generator
  • Why voice search has yet to take off in China despite the high adoption of smart speakers
  • The media consumption divide in China and how it reflects in the business models of popular streaming services
  • How Chinese consumers think about data privacy and how Chinese platforms handle data security
  • Examples of D2C brands in China adopting a lifestyle branding to expand into new verticals
  • Why China is far more welcoming towards automation technologies than the West


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