Episode 38 - Outlook 2019

In this week’s special episode, Scott sits down with Adam and Christina from our Strategy team to talk about the trends we laid out in our annual Outlook report this year. Starting with the overarching trend of the unintended consequences of technology and the souring consumer sentiment, we discussed how social and search is being unbundled into smaller communities and platforms, how the rise of subscription services is driving a media consumption divide, how brands are increasingly leveraging content and services to build a lifestyle branding, and how regulatory concerns may interfere with the application of automation technologies.

What We Covered:

  • The unintended consequences of technological disruption and the impact on consumer sentiment towards big tech
  • Why people are leaving social media like Facebook and Twitter for smaller, more interest-based online communities
  • How the rise of voice and visual search will change the SEO game
  • The widening media consumption gap divided by the paywall and the consequences of such an asymmetrical divide
  • Why brands need to become lifestyle brands to gain consumer trust and access, and how they can achieve that
  • The nuances of applying automation technologies that brands have to be mindful of, and the regulatory forces that may interfere with the rollout.


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