Episode 36 — Partner Highlight feat. Damian Bradfield from WeTransfer

Welcome back to Floor 9. This week, we are delighted to chat with Damian Bradfield, President and CMO of WeTransfer, about how WeTransfer aligns their services with the creative community, how their unique ad products differ from the display ads commonly seen on the likes of Facebook and Google, and what today’s companies must do to navigate the online and offline world simultaneously. Plus, we also talk about how the tech industry is reacting to the increasing backlash and regulatory scrutiny, and how convenience will always win at the end of the day.

What We Covered:

  • Damian’s personal background and experience with WeTransfer
  • WeTransfer’s mission to serve the creative community across the world
  • WeTransfer’s unique ad products, and why they work so well
  • We shared thoughts on potential regulations on the tech industry
  • Why consumer inertia and the need for convenience may complicate the process
  • Brand implications, aka, what brands can learn from WeTransfer


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