Episode 29 - The Future of News feat Axios

This week, we sit down with two special guests — Nick Johnston, Editor-in-chief from Axios, and Joshua Lowcock, Chief Digital & Innovation Officer / Global Brand Safety Officer of UM Worldwide — to talk about the current landscape of news consumption and where the future of news may be going. Social media has no doubt forever changed the way we keep up with the news, for better and, perhaps more so, for worse, yet social media platforms keep insisting on being just technology platforms and not media publishers. This leads to a sludge of inappropriate, problematic content proliferating online platforms, and that creates unsafe environment for brands to buy against. Therefore, how we navigate the future of news is a big part of building a healthy digital ad ecosystem for tomorrow.

What We Covered:

  • The major challenges facing the news industry today
  • The differences between fake news, disinformation, and misinformation
  • Human-curated news vs. algorithm-driven news feed
  • New content formats and ways to consume news
  • The promise of new business models that could help fix the issues
  • We laugh about how terrible social media has become


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